Not only is Don Jamieson a funny comedian, but he was also the co-host of VH1's "That Metal Show" with Jim Florentine and Eddie Trunk.

On this most recent installment of "Comics Talking Jersey," also with comedian Dave Hoj and myself, I asked him who were the cool bands to hang out with and he instantly replied, "Alice Cooper."

'In the '70s, he was a major alcoholic, total wild man, but he's been clean and sober for 30 years. He's born again. Alice is a role that he plays on stage," Don told me. Cooper took a liking to Don, which is pretty easy to do. "If I hadn't seen him and I came back stage after a show, he'd go, 'Hey Don, how's your sister? You said she was having some trouble. How's she doing?' Picking up right where we left off."

One of Alice's great qualities, Don said, is that he does listen to you: "He invests in you as a person."

One time, when they were backstage, Cooper stopped him and said, "Oh Don, I meant to tell you something."

"That made my whole head lock up," Don said. "No. 1 he knows my name and No. 2he meant to tell me something!!!"

Cooper told him that his daughter Calico is in the Groundlings in Los Angeles.

"Now he's associating me with comedy and ow my whole head's locked up and I just went, Oh, cool.' He must have thought I was being a jerk but I didn't know what to say because I had so many things spinning in there," Don said.

Cooper was a great storyteller on "That Metal Show," and Jamieson thinks he would have made a great comedian, as would Ozzy Osbourne.

"Ozzy, to this day, half the time you don't even know if he knows where he is, but he'll always have one-liners, one after the other  great one liners like Rodney."

Now THAT"S a show I'd pay to see!

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