As you know, it's been a battle over the past nine months with my hard stance against lockdowns, masks and the panic over a virus that is about as deadly as the flu, even less for younger healthy people. As you know at the outset of the pandemic and subsequent panic, I've maintained my strong position that we we're experiencing an expected viral season, not too far from 2017-18 when we had a serious run on our medical system.

The bottom line is that we now know who's vulnerable, how to treat the sick, mostly as outpatients with drugs and vitamins, and we know that most people who get sick will be just fine as the survival rate rivals the flu.

One of the leading voices of common sense and critical thinking is actress Leigh-Allyn Baker. She's had a very successful career acting, you will recognize her from "Will and Grace" among dozens of popular shows including "Hannah Montana" and "That 70s Show". Although she has two movies coming out in 2021, "Family Camp" and Christmas in the Pines," she has taken the time over the past few months to speak out against the government overreach into our freedoms.

On this episode of #SpeakingPodcast, we discussed everything from her perspective as a parent and actor regarding mandatory vaccinations to the lockdowns, to the mistakes and damaging decisions made on both sides of the political aisle.

Of course I had to ask if she was going to be a candidate as she recently moved out of corrupt, Blue California into a more welcoming "Red State." So stay tuned as Leigh-Allyn helps us lead the way back to common sense and "smaller" Republican government.

Enjoy the conversation and make sure you follow her on Twitter!

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