For the past five years I’ve been hosting, along with my friends Jessica Gibson and Rich Robinson, the annual “Rock the Farm” festival for CFC Loud-N-Clear.

This year for the sixth annual event, and my fifth on stage with some of the most talented and entertaining bands around, we had perfect weather and a record-breaking crowd in seaside. The weather was almost as perfect as the latest addition to the Regan family who run the recovery program (CFC Loud-N-Clear). Talulah Rose came into the world earlier this year to proud parents Daniel and Alyssa Regan. New grandparents Lynn and Marc Regan were beaming with the site of her as were her aunts, Ashley and Emily Regan. What a family.

This family is one of the best examples of overcoming adversity that I’ve ever met. Daniel and his mom Lynn shared their story of survival and beating addiction on my #SpeakingPodcast episode 55.

The bottom line is that Daniel was in trouble, failed rehab experiences and one bad decision after another, he ended up homeless in California. Lynn never gave up. Chasing her son down and getting him the help he needed preventing Daniel from becoming another statistic in the epidemic of addiction. Daniel will be the first to tell you that not only is it possible to beat addiction, but there just may be a Rose on the other end of the journey.

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