Longtime listeners — and attentive new ones — of the Dennis & Judi show know all about our old "Dennis and Judi Cutie" feature.

D&J asked listeners from New Jersey to send in their photos, and they'd pick their favorites to run here on NJ1015.com. We revived the series with Alexandria Pascucci earlier this month.

We're inviting anyone from New Jersey, men or women to submit their pics with through New Jersey 101.5 app. Tell us your name and your town. If D&J pick your pic, they'll run it here — or even invite you to the New Jersey 101.5 studios for a pro-style photoshoot with the gang!

Meet today's Cutie:

Today's Cutie is Kimmy — you can follow her on Instagram as @KimmyIsSkinny (warning — some of those pics are a little racy). It met her in a recent photography workshop event by Hypnotica Studios. Our group went all over the old Art Factory (a former textile factory in Paterson) — but we really got into the holiday spirit lighting up Kimmy's face with Christmas lights.

Check out those shots and others i the gallery above.

Want to be a Cutie? Keep in mind you don't need to be a model or actress like Kimmy to be a D&J Cutie. We'll just treat you like one. Anyone with a great smile and a great attitude, guy or girl, is welcome to submit.

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