Let me start off by asking this... Why are masks making us so psychotic? As a father of two almost 6-year-old twin boys, it's very embarrassing for my kids to see grown adults, let alone parents, act like psychopaths.

This past week alone almost feels like we've stooped to a new level as a society. Check out this story and video of an incident that happened in Tennessee over a school board meeting relating to mask mandates in schools. I would never allow my kids to act like that whatsoever, and I would hope you wouldn't want your kids to act like that either.

School hasn't started here in New Jersey yet, but tensions over masks are clearly there. One big issue I see with a mask mandate is the lack of options for virtual leaning. My kids might be OK with wearing them all day, but it doesn't mean yours will be.

Some kids might have high anxiety and won't be able to focus wearing a mask. Or, some kids and parents might not feel safe going to schools while kids can't get vaccinated yet. Both of those reasons are perfectly valid to have a virtual option. Hopefully, New Jersey will come up with a solution for you before the school year officially begins.

Whether you're for or against masking our kids, let's be civilized adults about it and not embarrass ourselves. I'm not hear to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but we cannot be at each others throats or threaten each other over this. Is that really the example we want to set here in New Jersey for our kids? I sure hope not.

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