For months now, I have been writing about how masks not only do nothing to stop the spread of viruses and, according to some experts, they may actually be spreading the virus. Pick your study, there are many now showing that mask wearing has no impact on savings lives and preventing disease.

Yet the mask craziness prevails. Now airlines are able to enforce mask wearing by calling the cops and having you arrested and fined. Seriously?

First of all, even if you are a mask-idiot (believing that magically a face covered with mesh openings 100 times larger than the virus will prevent spread), how do you reconcile the fact that you could be on a crowded plane next to someone eating with no requirement to have a mask? Are we seriously going to believe that even if masks work, the virus doesn't spread while you're chewing and swallowing?

I've said this a million times: I don't go anywhere that requires a mask. I support my restaurant friends by ordering out regularly but I won't participate in the charade of having a mask on for a 20-foot walk from the door to a table. Anyone with a brain can see the absurdity of this activity.

The only time I wore a mask during this entire lockdown madness was to take my son to the doctor after he was injured playing football. And it was clear that the staff knew it made no sense as my mask was settled below my nose.

What is really disturbing though is that the orders, even in New Jersey, come with an exception for medical conditions. That's right — there are some people who should not be wearing a mask at all because it compromises their health.

Despite the legality of refusing and the fact that a private business cannot challenge your medical condition legally, try that out in the real world and you'll quickly realize there is zero tolerance, which is why I think the trial attorneys are gonna have a field day when the dust settles. And I hope people get the compensation they deserve for their suffering.

Beyond this, we have concrete evidence that the masks are totally unnecessary when you look at the near maskless culture in Sweden with kids in school, no masks, no distance and no deaths. Even the teachers are seeing their health protected as they have a much lower need for medical care even if they get COVID. Sadly, the ignorance and fear of our population translates into the likelihood of mask mandates for years if not decades to come.

Of course, the free states in the Union — Texas, Florida, South Dakota among them —have had no issue with sickness, death and hospitalizations outside of the expected rush which happens every respiratory viral season (formerly known as flu season) despite not having mandates. People are packed into restaurants once again, celebrating life and enjoying friends and family. I'm excited to spend some time in Florida and Texas in the coming months after I get our family an RV, as my flying days are done for the foreseeable future.

If you don't have to, why would you subject yourself to that kind of government and big corporate harassment? I know I won't. How 'bout you?

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