TRENTON — With the state's latest marijuana legislation freshly signed by the governor, some pieces still will take time to establish while other elements went into effect immediately.

The way that marijuana possession now is handled by law enforcement is among the immediate changes, including for minors.

Along with marijuana and hashish, a concentrated form of the drug, alcoholic beverages among minors also has made an appearance in new police guidance from the Office of the Attorney General based on the decriminalization law that Gov. Phil Murphy signed Monday.

Is it now legal for officers to stop a person or search a vehicle, based on the aroma of pot alone?

What happens to repeat offenders younger than 21 caught with weed in a public place? What about adults still illegally selling pot?

The following is a breakdown of the state's new laws.

Marijuana legal in NJ: How do the laws work?

Answers to common questions about legalized recreational marijuana in New Jersey and rules about underage use of weed.

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