There are some things I don't agree should be taught in schools, but one thing I do agree with is the proposal to teach marijuana education in elementary schools.

According to David Matthau's post on,

"Assemblyman Erik Simonsen, R-Cape May, is sponsoring a measure, A-5168, that would require schools to include age-appropriate instruction on how cannabis affects the brain, starting in the third grade."

But why stop there? Let's also include tobacco smoking and alcohol.

With marijuana now legal in New Jersey, the curiosity among kids is going to be higher than ever because it's being talked about more. If a child is going to decide to try it, they should know much more about it than what their friends are telling them, especially the ones who are trying to get them to try it.

There are some who believe that marijuana, alcohol and tobacco education is something that should be done by the parents, but how much do we really know about what they know about these things? Perhaps in some cases, if they knew more, they wouldn't have turned to those vices in the first place.

The parents would actually be helped by the school's teachings. They may also actually learn about it themselves. Parents can enforce what's being learned in schools by their opinions which can be had around dinner table discussions about what they learned in school.

As far as teaching marijuana education in elementary school, I have no problem with that, the earlier the better, same with alcohol and tobacco. If kids knew at an early age what marijuana, alcohol and tobacco are, how they can effect you and the effects they can have on you throughout your life, they may choose not to get involved in the first place.

Then we teach them about video games.

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