We brought you this story in our 6 o'clock hour Wednesday night. Cory Windelspecht is a commuter who still has a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder left over from childhood. Seeing the way they placed the holiday decorations at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel kicked his OCD into fifth gear.

His problem is not with the two wreaths. One is placed properly over the O in Holland and the other is placed satisfactorily over the U in Tunnel (satisfactory since the bottom half of the U is very much shaped like circle). His issue is with the triangular shaped Christmas tree being slapped over the N instead of the similarly triangular shaped letter A. It just doesn't fit. He'll tell or scream this to anyone who'll listen and in fact has. He posted a pic of it on Facebook with his grievance and it was shared well over ten thousand times. Then he started a Change.org petition seeking 2,500 signatures demanding the Port Authority move that darn tree. As I write this he has 2,118 signatures and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his goal by the time you read this.

Now all this OCD bellyaching is pointless, right? Wrong. It got the attention of the Port Authority and they're playing along. They've decided to put it up for a vote, offering four clear choices. If you'd like to tell the PA whether Windelspecht has a good point find their survey here and vote.

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