So, is it a lucky or unlucky break that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has a high ankle sprain that could keep him out for the rest of the season? I'm going lucky and I think the Giant's marketing department would agree. Jones's injury gives the G-Men a chance to give quarterback Eli Manning, who's been a good soldier since his unceremonious benching after week two, a chance to play four more games for the only team he's ever played for.

Will he win those games? Probably not, especially since the Cowboys loss to the Bears gives the Eagles new hope in an NFC East that no one wants to take. How bad it is that the Giants are 2-10 in a year when 6-7 leads the division? But it does give the fans a chance to say goodbye to the quarterback that's won them 2 Super Bowls.

It also gives the fans a reason not to sell their tickets to the fans of the other team. It's not fair to those who pay thousands of dollars for personal seat licenses and tickets, parking food, drink etc., who actually want to go to the game, to have to sit in a crowd of the opposing team's fans. Especially so when that team will be the Eagles, who's fans travel very well, on Dec 29. Maybe Giants fans will show up to say goodbye to Eli, although if I had it my way, he'd stay next year and be the backup. They should at least make the offer if he doesn't find anything.

But that will be then. Right now we get up to four more chances to see Eli under center. The offense will be tighter, as Eli will get the ball out quicker and see what the defense is doing faster. The players will also take it up a notch for Eli, but the defense will be the same so like I said, don't expect any wins. That's also a good thing because the only thing these Giants have left to play for is a top-6 draft choice for the third year in a row.

Don't be surprised when if the Giants lose the next three games, Pat Shurmur is let go before the season finale, lest he be subject to the boos. That would not only put the coach, team, and fans out of their/our misery, but give them a head start on getting a new coach, perhaps Ron Rivera?

But for right now, Giants fans get four more games to say goodbye to Eli. Let's make the most of it.

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