The first of three consecutive weeks of New Jersey restaurants started Tuesday night on FOX's 24 To Hell and Back. Blend on Main in Manasquan was featured and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was in fine form berating owner and chef Lou Smith for his temper and overbearing manner. Lou also apparently excels at making his wife cry.

Business had dropped off since opening in 2014 and sub-par food due to low worker morale was identified as the problem. After getting the input from the employees, Ramsay put his plan in action. First is the physical renovation, changing it from a “banquet hall” look to a more welcoming, quieter feel. He overhauled the menu, as well, having his chef-instructors school the (otherwise well-trained) kitchen staff in new menu items and techniques.

To prove to Smith that he ought to trust his chefs more, Ramsay secretly had the head cook a piece of halibut, but he told Smith that he had cooked it; Smith was impressed with the result and surprised to find out one of his employees had made it. Ramsay also showed Smith a video his three daughters had shot, bemoaning the lack of time they got with their dad because of the restaurant which brought Smith to tears.

Of course, all the changes led to a successful turn around of the restaurant with workers getting more autonomy, Smith losing his temper less, and Smith spending less time at the restaurant. The three month update they always do at the end showed the Manasquan eatery still going strong with the changes. According to their schedule, Candeda’s White Rooster in Toms River will be featured next week, and Botto’s Italian Line in Swedesboro the following week.

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