PATERSON — A 14-year-old boy was injured Monday when he was shot 20 to 25 times by a paint gun — leaving welts all over his body — told police he knows who fired the weapon at him, standing at his front door.

The boy, identified by News 12 New Jersey as Brian Caballo, told Paterson police the shooter was the adult brother of a school friend. Caballo answered a knock at the door and the man began shooting from five feet away, police said.

Some of the shots  broke the boy's skin and left quarter-size wets all over his body, according to picture his mother shared with the news outlet.

In 2017, Paterson was hit by a series of drive by Paintball shootings last October that police director Jerry Speziale told Fios1 New Jersey were Halloween mischief.

Speziale has not yet returned a message regarding the most recent incident.

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