A church garden directly across the street from the Seaside Heights police station is not a great place to decide to have an intimate moment but yet that’s just what a New Jersey couple did. Wouldn’t you be afraid to get caught? Well they did!

Seaside Heights police said that Anthony Getchius of Newark and Noelle Smart of Jersey City were found by a church employee Tuesday afternoon near a statue of the Virgin Mary in a garden at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Grant Avenue.

The fact that they're homeless doesn’t really even excuse them because there are much more inconspicuous places. And to prove it, we asked our listeners the strangest places they had sex and here is what they said:

  1. In the Grandstands at a stock car race
  2. An empty model home
  3. The dressing room at (name redacted-don’t wanna give anyone any ideas!) a department store
  4. The parking garage at LAX airport
  5. The Brooklyn botanical gardens
  6. The Bronx zoo
  7. A friend’s bathroom at his party

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