By Jeff Deminski

The Americanarama North American tour makes a stop this Friday at Pier A in Hoboken, which will mark the first time ever that Bob Dylan will perform in the Mile Square City. At 72 years old, Dylan is still going strong. Last year he received critical acclaim with "Tempest" and he is soon releasing "Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Volume 10". Nothing lasts forever though, and if you've never seen Dylan and wanted to, then get there Friday.

I've often thought which performers I would kick myself if I never got to see them at least once live. My biggest was Ray Charles. I thought about seeing him for years. Finally the stars aligned with a tour coming through Detroit where I was living at the time, and I saw him at Detroit Music Hall about 12 years ago. I'll never forget that night. To me, there was no more soulful voice than that of Ray Charles', and as he ran through "Georgia On My Mind", "I Can't Stop Loving You", and "America The Beautiful" I sat in awe getting chills. Ray Charles seemed bigger than life itself that night and his connection with and love for the audience was mesmerizing. I even remember when he ended the night, stood up from the piano and looking to the audience, wrapped his own arms tightly around himself in a huge hug with the message clear that he was really hugging all of us.

Ray Charles died only 3 years later. I was so glad I saw him before it was too late that I now think in terms of 'bucket list' concerts, not who you must see before YOU die but before THEY do. I know the Rolling Stones performed here recently, I kick myself that I couldn't work it out financially to get there. But they're definitely on my list.

In the world of comedy, I had the opportunity to see Sam Kinison in Atlantic City in 1989. And again, just three years later he was gone. Other comics on my bucket list are old school Don Rickles, who is 92, and coming to NJPAC soon, and who is arguably one of the funniest men alive, and newer school Kevin Hart (ya'll gonna LEARN today!) who I obviously have a lot more time to catch.

Who are some performers you'd love to see before it's too late? Share yours in the comment section below.

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