You've all done it. Walk the dog through the park, seeing that there aren't any other dogs or people, why not take them off the leash and let the dog roam.

Enter the geese!

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Dogs will be dogs for sure and this was no exception.

The hound bolted after the geese and ended up in the river. Stuck.

Of course, like any responsible dog owner, a chase ensued and the owner reached the dog and got stuck himself. Hoboken Police officers responded and were able to reach the man and his dog stuck in the Hudson River.

The incident happened on April 28, the dog was chasing the geese at Maxwell Park in Hoboken. A witness called 911 and Hoboken Police, EMT, and Fire headed to the water.

Officer Barron arrived first and threw a water bag toward the man to hold onto until the Fire and Rescue arrived. They were able to pull the man and the dog out of the water to safety.

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Michael Bocchieri, Getty Images
Michael Bocchieri, Getty Images

Here are the officers and first responders included in this honor:

Sgt. Robert Roman, Sgt Adam Colon and Police Officers Barron, Shyenna Vega, Kyle Seper of the Hoboken Police Department.

Fire Captains Richard Marsh and Joshua Pineiro and Firefighters Brian Caro, Ralph Eusebio, Matt Florio, Joshua Pineiro, and Chris Sorrentino.

Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps members Francis O'Connor, Jenna Giesecke, Chris Murgas, and Wendy Perera.

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