Last night I had a rejuvenation, it was like the heavens above removed a dark cloud  that had been hovering over my head since Sunday, March 8th 2020. This was when I attended my last live music event at the Wonder Bar In Asbury Park.

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On that Sunday in March it was a post parade party for Asbury Park's St. Patrick's parade. On stage that day was Bobby Bandiera and his band. Because of the pandemic I haven't seen live music since that fateful Sunday in March. That is until last night, June 26th 2021.

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On stage was, ironically, my good friend Bobby Bandiera and his whole band. His band included seasoned pros such as Ron Haney, Joe Bellia, Tom LaBella, Tony Peruso, Layonne Holmes, Jillian McCoy. They lit up the smaller outside stage at the Iconic Stone Pony at Asbury Park.

via Asbury Park music foundation

It was a benefit for one of my favorite charities, the Asbury Park Music Foundation .The foundation provides music programs to those less fortunate youth and they are so very needed. They really run a fantastic charity.

Tom Donovan welcomes the crowd out for a fundraiser concert for the Asbury Park Music Foundation ( Thanks to Jessica Lynn for the picture) Big Joe/Jessica Lynn

Starting with my good friend Tom Donovan, Chairman of the Asbury Park Music Foundation, took the stage to welcome the significant crowd. A feeling of relief and happiness started to fill the air.

Asbury Park mourns The Stone Pony co-founder (pics courtesy of Leonard Tate and Shawn Michaels)

Bobby and his band joked with the crowd and played some outstanding renditions of songs from The Stones, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and even played some Abba just to name a few.

The night was electric, it was almost like a family reunion. I have been upheld in my house since that March night of 2020 and seeing so many faces and friends made it so special . Everyone was in such a great mood and most greeted each other with "It's so great to see you".

Being in Asbury Park, being at the Stone Pony, having my man Bobby Bandiera on stage raising money for the Asbury Park Music Foundation and seeing old faces again totally lifted that funky cloud that the pandemic caused. I'm back and it's because music is alive and well and living well in New Jersey

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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