A friend of mine, Eddie Bosek, lived what most would consider a good life.

A guy who literally had everything. Partner in a law firm; happy family man, deeply religious, and a friend to all who knew him.

There wasn’t a soul who had a nasty word to say about him.

And it came as a shock when death came without warning the past April 1st to a man relatively young by today’s standards – 65.

One month earlier he’d gone in for a valve replacement, and just before the surgery, knowing full well how concerned his family and friends would be, he wrote this beautiful letter, parts of which I’ll excerpt:

“Please don’t cry or grieve. Crying is the result of remorse that you didn’t do enough for the deceased when they were alive. You might cry because you miss me. I miss you also, but do not cry out of sadness.

Remember the good times.

I have been blessed with a tremendous wife, children and grandchildren.

My blessings began with the love and support of great and loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law.

I enjoyed a rewarding legal career and have made many enduring and wonderful friendships.

I have had and reveled in a “wonderful” and fulfilling life.

I have no regrets other than I would like to have stayed around a little longer.

Please don’t miss me or cry, but pray that I enter Heaven. I believe in an Afterlife!”

Just remember me.

Maybe I made you laugh, put a smile on your face, or left you with a pleasant or happy thought.

In the words of George Strait: “I Ain’t Here for a Long Time…I’m Here for a Good Time, and I Had a Great Time!”

God Bless You and Thank You for Everything.



Which reminded me of another country song – this one by my favorite country artist, Tim McGraw entitled “Live Like You Were Dying!”

Know that I have a hard time writing this listening to the song and thinking of Eddie.

And I’d only hope, not just for myself, but for any of you reading this or hearing this, that you heed the words of the song.

And even if you feel that your life wasn’t as blessed as Eddie’s; take stock in what you do have to be thankful for – and think for a second what that one thing is you’d like to do or see before your end of days.

Because you never know when.

If you were to put together a bucket list – what are the things you’d like to do or see before you die?

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