The summer is more than half over and we're about a month away from Labor Day. How's it going so far? Have you been able to do all that you planned to do in June? Have you made plans for the time remaining? What's on your "summer bucket list?" Here are some of your answers... along with my comments.

Sharon Yesner: "Perfect question for today! I just got vacation approved for the last week of August- day trips with friends- the beach in Nj, the beach in DE, the beach in OC, MD, the Philly Zoo, seeing John Eddie at the Hard Rock Beach Bar and taking me time/ exercising more!"

David Hershey: "Tubing on the Delaware river, if the waters ever receed after these rainy weeks."

John Kensil: "2 simple things Steve. Getting healthier and I’d love to sit on an outdoor restaurant deck on the Jersey shore relaxing and throwing French fries into the bay and watching fish eat them"... I wouldn’t eat the fries cause I’m trying to get healthy.

Susan Condron Belzner: "seeing my son."

Tina Marie: "Take my dog to a dog beach and see if he comes back"... after being unleashed lol.

Grant Lindaberry: "All I want to do this summer is just get one song recorded! I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask if I can get my song played on your station?"

Keith Vena: "Making final preparations for mine and my wife’s 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of this year. Trip to California and Hawaii!!!!"

Pat McCloskey: "Capt Gallagher 10 mile beach run SIC this Saturday"

Richard Robinson: "Having one f'n day off without a million things to do"...Good luck with that!

Bob O'Brien: "I need both a new plastic and metal bucket."

Brian Startare: "Powerball winner"... Good Luck with that too!

Rich Zimmerman: "Drink more beer."

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