I received a pretty cool email from a listener named Dave the other day. He's in Scotch Plains and he saw an animal that has him scratching his head. He managed to get a still photo then also a video. Check them both out and let us know what animal you think this could be.

He says it's about the size of a cat and at first he thought maybe this is one of those crazy cats like the one that played Mr. Bigglesworth in Austin Powers called a hairless Sphynx. At first glance of just the photo I was thinking maybe a fox with mange. Then after a second look and seeing the video I started thinking this must be a baby coyote. Should we add the dreaded Chupacabra to the list of possibilities?

Dave seems like a cool guy and he just wants to get some opinions on this. Please give us your thoughts in the comment section below or just take our quick poll.

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