LINDEN — High school senior Miesha Burnam said her perspective on something she always took for granted, the use of her legs, changed with an injury to her anterior cruciate ligament. She is now using that new outlook to try and help others.

"I actually tore my ACL last year, and I experienced how hard it was to walk," she said. "For about two or three months, I had crutches, and it was honestly the worst time ever. So I thought that I wanted to help people who couldn't walk permanently."

With the help of a teacher at Linden High School, Burnam last month launched a project she called "Socktober," partnering with a group called We Help Two that provides socks to someone who wants to raise funds for a good cause, then donates that money to the charity of the person's choice.

In Burnam's case, she wanted to sell 120 packs of socks, with three pairs of socks in each, at a price of $12 a pack. She calculated that that would raise enough money to buy one above-the-knee and one below-the-knee prosthesis for amputees who need them.

So far, she has sold 90 packs, so her efforts are continuing into November until she reaches her goal.

"We've gotten the school involved, we've gotten a lot of the other schools in Linden involved, (the) library, everyone's really supporting and helping us," Burnam said. "We've been doing well."

The socks provided by We Help Two come in colorful styles for men, women, boys, and girls. The organization has also given Burnam plain, gray winter socks for those in need; she plans to donate those somewhere in the Linden area as the weather turns colder.

If you are interested in buying socks and helping with Burnam's project, call or text 908-436-7143.

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