All week, we've been exploring what people living in New Jersey think of their state. We talked to seniors. We talked to lifelong residents who are ready to leave. We found people of all ages who love everything about New Jersey.

But how does the rest of the country see us?

We recently asked friends from our Townsquare Media sister stations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Twin Falls, Idaho to give us their honest impressions of New Jerseyans, and they did. They REALLY did.

Everything from how we speak and drive, to what we eat was open to interpretation. While I'd love to call them out as describing us in the most stereotypical way possible, I have to admit ... some of their impressions were pretty darn accurate. And funny.

First, we asked them to do their best impressions of how New Jerseyans talk (or "tawk"). Then we asked what they think we like to eat here in the Garden State. Finally, we asked for their interpretation of our overall attitudes, and what they believe driving in New Jersey is like.

Here's what I learned: According to the folks in Idaho and Iowa, New Jerseyans are angry, pasta, pizza and pork roll eaters who pronounce words funny and drive with sunglasses on — in all types of light and weather. Oh, and apparently most of us know someone named Paulie and could easily be extras on "The Sopranos."

Now, here's what I know (speaking only for myself): I like pasta and pizza, I get pretty angry on the Garden State Parkway during rush hour; sometimes I forget to take off my sunglasses when it gets dark and I'm still driving; I drink "cawfee" (a lot of it) and most of my family members could easily have been cast members on any NJ mob TV show or movie.

So maybe that all makes me a stereotype — and I'm kind of OK with that.

So New Jerseyans, do you agree with our Idaho and Iowa friends? Tweet @NJ1015 or @ToniRadio1015 and let us know.

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