Colleges are doing their best to compete with each other in upholding the socialist agenda. At the same time, they are also competing for election day sign-ups to see who can get the most kids on the lefty bandwagon. This is a disaster.

Let’s face it: An 18-year-old kid today is not like the 18-year-old kid that existed when our parents were young. For the most part, an 18-year-old today is virtually an overgrown 14-year-old.

Eighteen-year-old kids of many generations ago were true adults with adult lives and were on the precipice of having adult responsibilities, yet their youth allowed them to have a fresh perspective that was of value in shaping the future of our country.

No more.

The reason that we have so many ideologues in charge today is because a new generation of kids is being taught to live their lives by what feels good to them and what makes them happy instead of what is right and just. That is no way to decide who our elected officials should be.

I think that a 26-year-old is what an 18-year-old used to be. He’s finally beginning his life as an adult, he’s got his plans laid, and-hopefully, he’s finally understanding how the world works. Then, and only then, should someone be allowed to pull that lever in the voting booth.

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