In an effort to "cut crime," establishments in Point Pleasant Beach may have to cease serving alcohol at midnight. If an ordinance from the borough is passed Tuesday, bars would have to stop the sale of alcohol at 12 a.m.or pay the town a fee to extend service until 2 a.m. Undoubtedly, those fees would be passed on to the customer.

If a business decides to pay the fee, how much will it cost them? As of now an average of $25 per patron based on their maximum occupancy would be charged. And just like the parking meters, that fee is for every half hour from midnight until 2 a.m.

Two of the largest clubs combined have a max out of 4,000 people.

Council President Michael Corbally said,

“It’s more than money. We need to have our people safe. Last year, crime was at an all-time record high and that’s unacceptable.”

Coming off of an extremely busy summer, the borough is claiming they shelled out an extra half million dollars to boost patrols taking care of fights and other complaints.

Many questions still remain. Is this truly for the public good or another money maker for a very busy shore resort? Ask your questions and hear both sides. The Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council is set to introduce this ordinance Tuesday night at 7 in the municipal building at 416 New Jersey Avenue.

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