"(We) are aware of the report out of Wayne Township of animals being dumped from a vehicle on Route 23." This was from a Facebook post by the Passaic County SPCA. Dumped is hardly the best description of what happened according to witnesses. One anonymous witness said, "This car was throwing kittens out their window on 46."

Sounds like the start of some bad joke, doesn't it? How depraved does one have to be to take kittens and hurl them from a moving car onto on active highway? The investigation is looking into exactly this matter. The throwing of two kittens from a vehicle Friday in the area of Routes 23 and 46. Police say these cats were run over several times.

If they ever find who did this, is the standard punishment enough? 4:22-17 Cruelty covers a person who shall needlessly kill a living animal or creature. Each offense can be fined not less than $250 and not more than $1000 and/or be imprisoned for not more than six months. Is this even close to justice for someone doing something this sick? The fine for such an offense should be in the thousands, and the period of incarceration should be in years. Of course many would like to go medieval on a person who could callously kill an animal this way. Perhaps lock them in a room with a much bigger cat, like a tiger. Or some Gitmo style torture. Or go eye for an eye and throw them out of a moving car themselves.

But in this country we can't do things like that, because it's just too depraved. That would be like, well, like throwing kittens out of a car window onto an active highway. Hmmm.

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