Friday was National Coffee Day.

Here's a day I won't be celebrating.

While I like the smell of coffee, for some reason I hate the taste of it. It is extremely rare to see me having any. So I'm not the best person to comment on when or whether it's OK for a kid to have coffee, but it seems weird to me to see a mom hand a 9-year-old a cup at Starbucks.

According to a story in The Washington Post, the recommended maximum caffeine for children age 10 to 12 is 85 milligrams. Ages 7 to 9 is 62.5 milligrams; 4 to 6 is 45 milligrams. A cup of Starbucks Venti coffee has 415 milligrams of caffeine per 20 fluid ounces. Even if you cut that in fourths to only 5 ounces, that's still over 100 milligrams and still over the recommended maximum for a 12-year-old. I've seen parents give their kids coffees and even espressos and I've been shocked at the young ages.

Not my kids; not my business. And yes, there is caffeine in other things like soda, iced tea, even chocolate. But seeing the size of and the caffeine levels in some of these coffees I'm only curious how many parents let their kids have it and at what age.

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