This is a picture of just some of the cards and letters of encouragement Bill Doyle has been receiving while he's away. We can't thank you enough for your kindness and support. Please keep it up! We previously posted the address where to send him your thoughts. If you didn't catch it before, I'd like to do that one more time.

Whether it's a get well card or even a letter or brief note, address it to:

New Jersey 101.5 FM (WKXW)
c/o Bill Doyle
109 Walters Ave.
Ewing, NJ 08638

Be sure to include the 'care of' Bill Doyle line in the address and it will get to him, I promise.

I've always looked up to my friend and broadcast partner of so many years for so many reasons. The way he has handled cancer, the treatment, and its aftermath have brought that to a whole new level. I wish him nothing but the best and again, if you'd like to also, well, you have the address.

Great news as well. We heard last week Bill was finally out of the hospital. As of Wednesday he's been released from the rehab facility and is now back home. Could temperature triples, trucker homages, endless Jennifer Connelly references, and dry sarcasm be far behind? Stay tuned!

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