My good friend friend Sue DesMarais started one of my favorite nonprofit organizations K-9 Valor Task Froce, and this weekend they demonstrated the true meaning of Christmas, helping a NJ family that lost their home as well as their puppies in a tragic house fire.

Sue writes:

 Today, people in our little town, who didn't know each other, came together in the spirit of the holidays to help a family out. When Jackson Fire Chief Timothy Carson called me a few weeks ago to tell me a family lost their home and puppies in a tragic fire, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to do exactly what was done for us when we lost our home and our sweet Chaos girl in a fire. That day, friends became superheros and strangers became family. This afternoon people from all over Jackson met K-9 Valor Task Force, Jackson Fire Fighters, Santa and Mrs Claus to join in our convoy to deliver presents to two beautiful little girls. I just hope that I succeeded in delivering the most precious gift of all..the love, compassion and support of an entire community to those little girls because that is what Jackson delivered to us in our darkest hour. Thank you Chief Carson for allowing K-9 Valor to set this up and thank you to all who joined in, we are at your service anytime!

K-9 Valor is a registered 501c3 nonprofit so donations are tax deductible and they REALLY need donations. Consider helping them this holiday season in anyway that you can so they can continue to do the amazing work that they do in our community. Click here for more info on how you can help.

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