Julie Hermann has her say. 

Julie Hermann talks to reporters at Rutgers
Julie Hermann talks to reporters at Rutgers (Twitter)

After promising to restore the tarnished image of Rutgers University following the dismissal of former men's basketball coach Mike Rice, Rutgers incoming athletic director Julie Hermann got caught up in her own embarrassing scandal after being accused by several members of the University of Tennessee's volleyball team that she coached of verbally and emotionally abusing them.

Despite repeated calls for her dismissal, Hermann appears to have weathered the storm.

"It's been tough for everybody on campus, and it's been a bout of turmoil, but all of our dialogue is about moving through that, and getting back to students, getting back to ensuring that as fast as we can, that every student athlete that comes on our campus really has a best in class experience," said Hermann during a session with reporters at Rutgers.

She also said because she went through a "difficult time" when she was coaching her volleyball team, " I feel uniquely qualified to create a fantastic student care system, because I know as a former coach, how important that student care system is."

When asked whether she had made sexually suggestive degrading comments to her volleyball players, Hermann replied that she is not a name-caller. She also said that reaching out to many Rutgers alumni will be a "tough challenge, but am I going to have to work double-time to connect with the people who are passionate about Rutgers? I am. I think one on one meetings are going to be critically important for us so that people can meet me, know what I stand for, understand all of my experiences."

Hermann also said she feels like she's "an open book about all my past experiences" and she added she was interested in the Rutgers job "because I believe that Rutgers is truly a special place - and I'm determined to make sure student athletes have a great experience here."

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