I really can't imagine why someone would want to see more of my nonsense dancing around New Jersey, but I've actually been getting emails requesting more of them!

Far be it from me to shy away from an opportunity to make an utter fool of myself. I'm continuing to have fun all summer dancing in public places where dancing is not usually..um...encouraged.

This weekend, I attended one of my favorite annual events, "Elliot's Legacy Kites for a Cure," benefiting lung cancer research. It was a magnificent day in Deal with the kites sailing across the sky kids having the greatest day with the rides and the face painting and the parents enjoying the festive atmosphere with fantastic music and a silent auction.

The unwitting attendees were kinda surprised when I started but, really, what could I do? I heard a great jam and I couldn't stop myself. I think I may have frightened a young child in the process, who ran away in fear when he saw me approach. Had to chalk it up to collateral damage. Nothing like a summer festival to get you into a dancing mood!

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