So maybe you think I'm a little obsessed with the tragic story of Timothy Piazza, who died tragically after a night of drinking during a hazing incident at Penn State University. And perhaps I am.

Because I keep thinking: This could've been my son.

And it could've been yours, or anyone's. And it's not one of those wasted lives that we can take something positive from. And it wasn't a fluke, a twist of fate, or a tragic accident.

It was a needless, senseless completely PREVENTABLE death which borders on murder. In fact, one of the charges being brought against eight of the "brothers" is, in fact, manslaughter.

The only way we can learn from Timothy Piazza's death is if it is the last of its kind.

Now that fraternities have become nothing more than a breeding ground for poor judgement, juvenile behavior, law breaking, underage drinking and sexual assault, it's time to break the chain and put an end to the entire "Greek system" as we know it.

It's way too late to try to enforce the rules or modify the system to fit the personalities and sensibilities of the modern college student whose sense of entitlement is high and sense of responsibility is low.

It's clear that the fraternity system is not longer appropriate for the level of maturity today's college students possess.

Why am I re-stating all of this? Because I recently read the grand jury testimony regarding that fateful night. And it's sickening.

There are details that are difficult to read: How many stages of impending death Timothy Piazza exhibited throughout that long night — how he suffered needlessly. Yet we must read them. And learn the painful lessons.

Because even if every last "brother" is convicted of the charges against him, it won't bring Timothy back. And what's worse is that Timothy Piazza will not be the last young person to die in this manner, unless we make significant changes on college campuses soon.

And the dismantling of the antiquated Greek System is a good start.

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