Fans in the U.S. are feeling slighted after getting their hands on the latest Jon Bon Jovi album “Forever,” Daily Mail is reporting. Fans are taking to social media accusing the Garden State icon of using autopen, which is a common practice even for presidents signing legislation.

Cllct is confirming signatures in question were studied by an autograph authenticator for Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), Kevin Kae, who determined the use of autopen.

User @Crupe29 took to X and says, “It’s a Jon Bon Jovi autograph for the same price as an unsigned CD and people are still complaining?” is also reporting the special edition costs the same price as the basic option.

Still, if it’s true, fans purchasing the latest CD expect a little more from the artist, such as X user @Deana_ Lynne74 who says, “I don’t care if it wasn’t super expensive, it’s the principle of the thing. Disappointing.”

In May, the lead singer posted to X saying, “Hard at work! Limited number of signed ‘Forever’ CDs remaining in the store.”

Sin City Rejects’ Jason Green has a YouTube show “Waste Some Time with Jason Green” where he mentions this latest controversy in a deep-dive format with his own copies of the 16th album. You can view his stance on the issue here.

Green alleges fans can contact bonjovi@umgstores to ask for a refund.

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