You would think that when New York Jets General Manager Joe Douglas heard the Seattle Seahawks for disgruntled safety Jamal Adams, his first reaction would have been "no seriously, what are you offering?"

Fortunately, Douglas knew he had a fish on the line (or actually a Seahawk) taking his bait and was able to trade Adams and a 4th round pick in 2022, to Seattle for their first-round draft pick in 2021, a third-round pick next year, another number one draft choice in 2022 and safety Bradley McDougald.

This blockbuster deal rids the Jets of a player who had been trying to talk his way off the team for weeks. Among the things Adams has said is head coach Adam Gase isn't the right leader for the Jets. Whether he is or not, there's no question that Joe Douglas is the right guy to make up the team.

Douglas called this deal "an offer we couldn't ignore" and he's right. if he's going for a Godfather reference I would counter with the scene from the Sopranos where then-head coach Eric Mangini is eating and Arti Bucco calls him "Mangenius." I would resurrect the "genius" for Joe Douglas.

Who ponies up that much value for safety, no matter how good he is? Pete Carrol that's who and it didn't go well with his last safety. You may remember Earl Thomas flipping the bird at him. We've already seen what Adams is capable of as he forced his way out of New York, one can only imagine what he'll do if he's sleepless in Seattle.

But that's no longer "Genius Joe's" problem, nor is Leonard Williams, a defensive tackle who thinks he's an end who also thought he was worth a lot more than the Jets were willing to pay. Douglas traded him to the crosstown rival Giants for a third and fifth round draft choices. Oh by the way, to save face the Giants had to franchise tag Williams, then were unable to work out a deal and will now have to pay him $16 million for this year and could still lose him. But that's no longer "Genius Joe's" problem either.

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