I don't know if this says more about the state of sports fans today, or the despicable way some men raise their sons in allowing them to think it's okay to hit a woman. This happened after the Jets win over the Patriots. Some say this started as a fight between two women then escalated. It appears the woman who's eventually hit by this jerk may be wearing Patriots colors. The jerk in question is most definitely wearing a Jets jersey.

Unless your very life is being threatened, you don't hit women. Period. I don't care what she's done. I don't care if she's stolen from you. Broken your heart, put you down, tried to take your children from you, or cheated on you. Hell, I don't care if you walk in on her having sex with the entire Jets organization itself. You just don't hit a woman. Unless she's about to end you like Phil Hartman's wife, you don't hit a woman. Ever. Do alcohol and football loyalty override this basic principal of being a real man? Or are families not bothering to teach this to their sons anymore?

I don't know which was more disturbing. Seeing this jackass hit this woman or seeing no one afterwards tackling him and beating him senseless for having done it.