It's a $1 million prize, but it's hard to call it a game show. It's more a competition show. And it certainly isn't for most people. American Ninja Warrior is in its 10th season and Monday night NBC airs the first part of the national finals.

Five, count them five, warriors making it all the way to the nationals are from right here in New Jersey! Rachel Goldstein is an occupational therapist from Camden County. Judas Licciardello is an autioneer in Gloucester County. Former gymnast Abby Clark is from Morris County.

Rounding out the Furious Five are Jamie Rahn and Chris Wilczewski. Both grew up in South Jersey and both have competed in multiple season of American Ninja Warrior. These two take it so seriously they each opened ninja training gyms in other states.

Here's Chris in action.

Here's Jamie showing his skills.

No matter who you root for, you have to be pulling for one of these Garden Staters to go all the way. Heck, after taxes $1 million might just be enough to pay for most of your property taxes!

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