This is a choice most of us never have to make since our games are played either at night or in the afternoon.

But this year, the World Cup final between France and Croatia aired at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning up against the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You would think all the soccer fans would be watching, even Fluffy who wrongly picked Croatia to win. Fluffy was in front of the television, although by the time the game was over, he was under the couch with his paws over his head.

One die-hard soccer fan who called my show was Mackenzie, who sacrificed the game to attend church. Now, that's a man who's guaranteed a place in heaven, no matter what. He could have bagged church, gone to confession, said a few Hail Marys, Our Fathers and maybe even a Glory Be." Then, he could have enjoyed the game. But instead, he did the right thing, especially since his team was Brazil.

Apparently, lots of people choose something else, as World Cup ratings were down 32 per cent from 2014. I would think with the growing number of people from all the soccer playing countries coming into this country, plus the fact that so many kids are playing it here, and that you can now legally bet on the World Cup, that the ratings would have been much bigger. Who knew? Maybe they will when it comes back in four years. Maybe then Mackenzie will attend mass the night before.

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