Before Craig Carton ruled the morning airwaves on WFAN, he ruled the afternoons here on New Jersey 101.5 as a "Jersey Guy" with his partner Ray Rossi.

I was lucky enough to fill in for him once. I always admired his style of radio and miss him on the air. Now that Craig's facing 45 years in prison after being found guilty of fraud, there are those who are kicking him while he's down.

Not among them is his former "Jersey Guy" partner Ray Rossi, always a class act on his Facebook page who posted:

There are probably a good many people doing the 'happy dance' right now upon hearing the news about Craig’s conviction. Know this…I am not one of them! When the news came out last year of his arrest, many former listeners to the show asked if I was glad to hear of his arrest. Nothing…absolutely nothing could have been further from the truth. When the “Jersey Guys” show on New Jersey 101.5 came about, I immediately became the butt of the joke. And while it was hard sometimes to hear him call me ‘polio stick' referring to my right leg, and a host of other things…as much as it hurt…it was the show. It was, to use a phrase, Organic, Real, like 2 guys with different opinions that fought on air…but created (if I may say so) some pretty funny radio. But what you heard was his acerbic on air persona. Off the air he was somebody else. Devoted family man…he’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked. Generous to a fault. What was hard to accept when the arrest was publicized was the diabolical nature of the charges. Not to say he wasn’t shrewd – but to the extent that was alleged was incredible. Gambling – like an opiate – makes you do funny things. And this is the tragedy. Not realizing what you have and taking the time to appreciate it. – and coming to the realization that you could possibly lose it all. A successful morning show with a partner who thinks the world of you. An adoring wife and 4 beautiful kids. Talent 'on loan from God' as someone I know would say. And a guy who came off as 'everyman' around the station, he could be a ballbuster to put it mildly – and a $%1+ stirrer – but those things don’t send you to jail. I just want him (and you) to know, he and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Good Luck Craig. Here's hoping I hear you again!

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