JERSEY CITY — A newly released video shows that a councilwoman who is now facing calls to resign for a hit-and-run last month was towed last year, just weeks after being elected.

"I was endorsed by the police in Jersey City, I’m a councilwoman," Amy DeGise told a Hoboken cop on Nov. 19, 2021. The comment was caught on body camera footage as the officer explained to the then recently-elected at-large councilwoman why her vehicle was being towed.

DeGise has faced scrutiny as a result of CCTV footage that appeared to show her hitting an UberEats cyclist and leaving the scene on July 19. Since the hit-and-run, it's been reported that her vehicle has been impounded twice in recent years.

Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (
Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of leaving the scene after hitting a bicyclist on 7/19/2022. (

The Hudson County View obtained the bodycam video through an Open Public Records Act request and reported that DeGise's vehicle was taken for parking in an illegal spot and having an expired registration.

“Okay, I've got bad news. Number one, you got hit by a tractor-trailer making the turn, partially because you’re in a no stopping, no standing zone," Officer Ramon Calderon said. "The other part is that your car’s been unregistered since 2019 so it’s going to have to be impounded until you register it and then you can pick it up."

In her attempt to not get towed, DeGise told Calderon that she had to get back to work as a teacher, that she has a family member who was a cop, and that she was reaching out to someone in the Hoboken mayor's office. But Calderon was not swayed.

Amy DeGise's vehicle about to be towed on Nov. 19, 2021. (Hudson County View)
Amy DeGise's vehicle about to be towed on Nov. 19, 2021. (Hudson County View)

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing else that I could do, that’s New Jersey state law. If you want, you can take whatever you need from the vehicle," Calderon said. He offered to help DeGise find other means of transportation.

It's not the first time she had a vehicle impounded. A police blotter stated that on Feb. 18, 2017, DeGise went to the Secaucus police to retrieve her vehicle after it had been impounded at the time.

The blotter also revealed that DeGise had a warrant for her arrest out of Jersey City for $100. She posted bail and was released.

DeGise spokesman Phil Swibinksi said that the councilwoman will not resign. Swibinski told the New Jersey Globe that she will not give a public comment until the "legal process" is complete.

"She will not resign and plans to complete her full term and continue in public service. Amy recognizes the calls that have been made for additional information and transparency,” Swinbinski said.

Around 75 protestors gathered at Pedestrian Plaza on Saturday demanding that DeGise step down. Two other councilmen, James Solomon and Frank Gilmore, have also called for her resignation.

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