Thanks to my friend and podcast co-host Jay Black, even when I'm out sick the show continues! I was not at all surprised that Jay invoked some spirited commentary and brought out the worst in some during his two days filling in for me. Based on the social media comments, it's mainly due to the fact that he and I have nearly opposite political views. First of all, Jay is a knowledgeable, articulate and funny guy. He's a great radio personality and even if you don't agree with him, ya gotta admit he carries the show. Actually, he's your opportunity to listen to someone you disagree with. As you know, if you're tuning into my show regularly, I listen to and watch all radio and TV that I don't agree with in order to hear the other side and better prepare my defense of my own positions.

If you don't agree with Jay, call him and let him have it when he's filling in! But I'll bet that on the way to the confrontation, you'll find common ground. More importantly, use the time with Jay to practice convincing people who don't agree with you to change their own opinion. Seriously, I'm a huge backer of President Trump as you know. Most of my friends and family are not. I spend a lot of time adjusting my tone and delivery in order to find common ground with people on the other side.

Politics is very divisive, as it should be. Common ground and agreement should only come when both sides feel they can get a practical victory. Look at President Trump's speech on Tuesday night. Job creation, tax cuts that favor and overwhelming majority of Americans and decimation of ISIS occupied territories. Even with all that, the Trump haters only want to talk about some nonsense scandal involving a porn star and the fact that the First Couple didn't share a limo. Gimme a break. People like us who want real solutions to real problems aren't easily distracted by the nonsense. Keep fighting over real issues. Get mad, and be heard.

Politics should bring out the fight in all of us. It's serious stuff after all. Political leaders are making decisions that have your money and security hanging in the balance. Bad decisions can cost people their lives. Thank you for being so passionate to really keep our hosts on their toes. Jay's tough enough to handle the criticism and the disagreement. Don't tone it down, raise the level. Get in there and push for your ideas. Fight. Fight. Fight.

And as far as the morning show is concerned, don't call for a fill in who parrots my take or ideas. That's what you have me for. Embrace the guy who's on the other (wrong) side of the political spectrum and help him eventually see your side of things. True liberals are really open minded, right? While you're at it, make sure you download our podcast #SpeakingMillennial with Jay and Jessica Nutt to hear us mix it up on issues ranging from politics to entertainment. Enjoy and keep mixing it up!

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