JACKSON — Being a hero means you get recognized at Wawa.

Jackson rescue workers credited 8-year-old Jace for saving his mother's life on Martin Luther King Day when his mother, Nicole Sorchinski, suffered a seizure behind the wheel as they were parked at a bank. Jace was credited with calmly telling dispatchers where he was and guiding help to his mom.

In audio of the 911 call obtained by New Jersey 101.5 via an OPRA request, dispatchers during the call gently asked Jace where he was and what kind of car they were in as they guided rescue workers to parking lot of the Chase Bank on County Line Road.

8-Year-Old Credited with Saving His Mother's Life
(Nicole Sorchinski)

"Jace, you're doing really good. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to put your hand in front your mom's face and see if you can feel her breathing on your hand," the dispatcher said. She also asked him about any medications she might take.

A second dispatcher told Jace to keep an eye out for the police.

One of the officers got on the phone and confirmed with the dispatcher they had arrived. "Tell him he did a good job, John," the dispatcher told the officer.

Sorchinski told New Jersey 101.5 that he has been amazed at the attention their story has received and had felt really good. During a trip to Wawa, he saw himself on the cover of the Jackson Times.  Other customers praised him for helping his mom.

Nicole also rewarded her son with something he had asked for: A bearded dragon. She was able to get a reptile for Jace and said someone contacted her about providing the tank, lights and other care items.

"That's really expensive part. I'm a single mom and I kind of pushed it off for a little while because of the cost."

The best thing of all for the boy was the good news about his favorite football team.

"He's a huge Eagles fan. He was so happy they made the Super Bowl."


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