While some companies deal with this pandemic trying to get you to pay more money for their service, the Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City is giving their employees more than a $1 million in cash bonuses to thank them for all that they do persevering through this pandemic. The casino chain also giving out bonuses in their other properties as well.

According to the Associated Press, "In Atlantic City, the bonuses will exceed $1 million, split among 2,184 workers: 1,822 hourly workers will get $250 apiece; 197 supervisors or salaried workers each will get $500, and 165 managers will get $1,000 each." This at a time when many of us are still waiting for stimulus checks to get by.

If this is a gamble, it will pay off big time for the Hard Rock. It's one thing to say you care about your employees as you take from them, it's another to say it when you give them a bonus at a time they really need it.

The employees will remember this time and tell this story for years to come. Hard Rock will always be known in the tough casino business as a place that takes care of its people and the people are grateful

Also in the AP article, "'I'm delighted,' said Simei Yu, a server at a restaurant at the Hard Rock who has been with the company since the casino opened in 2018. 'We take a lot of precautions. It definitely takes more time: more hand washing, more sanitization of everything. But we do it.'"

You can bet that now they'll do it knowing that they're appreciated like never before. I get that not every New Jersey company can afford to pay people bonuses in this tough time, but those who could and take that gamble will have it pay off in a big way when it comes to loyalty and appreciation. Those are two things New Jersey is all about.

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