With little notice, foodiehall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has closed.

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foodiehall, located in an industrial park off Olney Avenue in Cherry Hill, was a space that opened in 2021, growing to include 10 different restaurants under one roof and offering a variety of cuisine from tacos to wings to salads to pizza.

It started out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as a concept known as a 'ghost kitchen' cooking up upscale, fast-casual but delivery-only meals. Eventually, it grew to include pick-up and in-person dining. foodiehall was partly founded by Nick Ballias, the restauranteur behind Wingcraft Kitchen and Beer Bar in Atlantic City.

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DaNick's Craft Burgers, Mac n Toastie, and Simply Fowl were among the caterers inside foodiehall.

foodiehall's been a casual and convenient dining space for many, but the project hit a snag somewhere. In the end, it's just not working out anymore.

Cherry Hill, NJ's Foodiehall Calls It Quits, Closes for Good

Closed - Photo: Canva
Closed - Photo: Canva

Sadly, foodiehall broke the news over social media that Saturday, June 15th would be its final day.

Proprieter Dan Goldberg thanked staff and loyal patrons for their business., saying, 'Without you, there wouldn’t have been a Foodiehall.' His message went on to recognize the 'talented culinary professionals' that served the community over the last three years.

We wish both Dan and Nick best of luck in the future. Thanks for all the great food you introduced us to.

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