In another round of PC bullying, this time at the hands of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, the beloved symbol for the Cleveland Indians, Chief Wahoo will soon be a thing of the past. Seems that the Indians ownership bowed to MLB pressure in order to make sure that the All Star game is played in Cleveland in 2019.

You've heard me rant on about how ridiculous the assault on sports mascots have become. Thankfully, the Redskins stood strong and saved their logo and name. Mainly because of the courage of the owners and the fact that most native Americans supported the name when polled over the years.

For my part as a stand against PC (political correctness) nonsense and #FakeOutrage using racism charges to push for the essential 'white washing' of history, I'm all on board with the Chief. I'll be wearing my official Chief Wahoo logo cap proudly throughout the spring season. Seems a few of you noticed my action with a caller today saying he thought of me after seeing Wahoo pajamas for sale in a local NJ store.

Looks like I'll be on line later today to grab more Wahoo gear before it's gone.

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