It happens every year in just about every part of the state, but if you live near the Jersey Pine Barrens, it's worse. Your entire yard, you roof, your patio furniture, your car, even your street gets covered in this yellow dust. Well it's back and it will be gently floating from the trees for the next two or three weeks. We will probably not get any rain or heavy storms for the better part of the next two weeks, meaning this stuff ain't goin' nowhere anytime soon.

We will need a heavy rain or two to wash this stuff away, but in the meantime keep your car windows up when your car is parked. This stuff can settle inside your car too and it's not easy to get off with just a quick swipe of your hand. It comes from the new growth of pine branches on the native scrub pine and pitch pine trees that are native here. We also get plenty of it from white pine trees which many homeowners have planted on their suburban yards all over the state.

You'll see little clusters of half inch little pods at the base of new growth on the trees. When they are at their peak and you shake a branch you can see a yellow cloud wafting off into the breeze. You'll also want to stock up on some over the counter allergy meds if this stuff gets to you, because the next two weeks look like a 100% chance of that yellow s**t just about everywhere in New Jersey.

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