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Jim remembers when he was a huge fan of Chris Christie's. When Christie first battled then Governor Corzine and was the ultimate underdog who won. Then, in Christie's first term, Christie took on the big, bad unions. It was an unhappy situation but Christie held his own against them and seemed to be actually making progress. We cheered on Gov. Christie as he had his proverbial toolbox and went to work on issues that needed fixing.

Here we have a governor who was goosing us up with high expectations upon taking office and throughout his first term. Now he is down from the heights of those points to nowadays, wallowing in the muck of cheap-shot artistry. It's really sad when you think about it. Why would he talk the way he does to reporters? He seems to be very bitter nowadays.

Someday I suppose we'll be reading the book entitled "The Rise and Fall of Christopher J. Christie."

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