It’s still summer. The first day of fall is September 22. Can someone please tell Chick-fil-A and for that matter every other food establishment in New Jersey that? I’m about to. In fact, “it would be my pleasure.”

They are introducing a new milkshake flavor.

It’s the Autumn Spice Milkshake and it’s made with their signature ice cream blend (Icedream) with brown sugar cookie bits and a cinnamon flavor. It’s topped with whipped cream and a cherry. I’m sure it was someone’s pleasure to top it with that cherry.

Autumn Spice Milkshake at Chick-fil-A (Photo: Chick-fil-A)
Autumn Spice Milkshake at Chick-fil-A (Photo: Chick-fil-A)

Sounds gosh darn delightful, doesn’t it? Just makes you think of thick, comfy fall sweaters and walks in the woods with dried leaves crunching under your UGG boots and the crisp air has a smell of a distant fireplace. So romantic.

Now stop it.

It’s summer. It was 84 on Tuesday in Newark. People are still going to the beach. Must everything be some time-space continuum pushed by restaurants and retailers? Christmas used to start before Thanksgiving then it started before Halloween. Halloween starts in August now.

And fall starts in summer.

It’s not just Chick-fil-A. Look at Dunkin’. Pumpkin donuts and pumpkin-flavored brews were back on August 10 this year. Seriously?! Here’s a crazy note on the Autumn Spice Milkshake. According to Chick-fil-A their seasonal fall items will be available at their New Jersey locations through November 12 while supplies last.

Through November 12? There’s five and a half weeks of fall left on November 12! Winter doesn’t begin until December 21.

This is lunacy and I’m not playing this game! You want my business for fall products? Sell them to me in the fall. And don’t tell me it’s winter on November 13 or that Back To School shopping is July 8 or that up is down or in is out. I’m not playing this game.

I mean sure that other seasonal item at Chick-fil-A, the Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich, sounds good. Okay, it sounds really, really good. But, you know, that would be good any time. Of course…I’ll need dessert.

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