I have to admit, I was floored when I saw my colleague Mike Brant’s post about Spirit Halloween stores already popping up in New Jersey.

Then I saw Jeff Deminski write about the Spirit Halloween movie trailer airing at the new Egg Harbor Township location and I was even more baffled that we were celebrating Halloween this early.

Guys, it’s the start of August! Isn’t this way too early to be thinking about Halloween?


It’s bad enough that “Back to School” sales have started weeks before parents officially know what they need to purchase for their kids. Prepping for a holiday at the end of October seems ridiculous.

Think about it: there’s a little less than three months between now and Halloween, who know what they want to dress up as?

Between now and then there will be dozens of memes and a handful of TV or movie characters that could become potential costumes.

I’m not a holiday curmudgeon, but I think we need to pump the brakes on displaying holiday merchandise too early.

Halloween Candy
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I see Valentine's Day candy in January… call me crazy but won’t the chocolate be gross by Feb. 14?

Then there’s the Christmas music that starts playing on Nov. 1 ... We have a limited number of holiday songs, do we really need to run them into the ground by Nov. 4?

Don’t get me wrong, I 100% subscribe to the notion of “spooky season.” I used to have the theme from “Halloween” as my ringtone every time October came around. I make a point to watch horror movies throughout the fall season. I love Halloween.

That being said, keep the Halloween celebrations to the month of October! This is way too early to have costume shops popping up, we still have more summer to enjoy.

Spirit Halloween is back: Here's where to find them in NJ

A list of towns throughout New Jersey where you can find Spirit Halloween stores for 2022. Towns are listed in alphabetical order. Click or tap on the town names for more details.

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