Month one is in the books of my weight loss experience with Semaglutide and the Jersey Weight Loss Clinic.

About my big decision to pursue weight loss

If you have been a listener to my show, you know that there are moments when I will have self-deprecating humor about my weight. I enjoy the jokes and they make my audience feel comfortable with my size.

Advocates of anti-self-deprecating humor do not like those jokes, but I do, and I enjoy a good poke at my size from my friends and other close people that I know. Ninety-nine percent of the ribbing that I take and give about my weight is all in fun, less than one percent are comments from people that are just mean or with malice.

I have been on many diets, including meal plans and liquid diets that put me in the hospital. I have counted points. I counted carbs. I have been on seaweed, grapefruit, and other “miracle” diet plans. It has been a fight, but it has always been my fight. I never projected my diet plans onto others; it was not my place.

I was successful on diets only to get bored and fed up with missing the outstanding cuisines that we have here in New Jersey and the cities that I have visited and lived in throughout the world. I love to cook, and I love going to outstanding restaurants.

I have been offered opportunities to endorse weight loss plans on my radio show on New Jersey 101.5. There have been dozens, and I turned them all down. I knew myself, and I needed to do right by the client and most importantly myself. Frankly I did not believe wholeheartedly in the diet plan or miracle that was presented.

Along comes Jersey Weight Loss Clinic. They have semaglutide, the drug that has taken this country by storm as the viable solution to weight loss. I did my homework, lots of homework, on both semaglutide and the Jersey Weight Loss Clinic. I decided to start a weight loss journey that I knew I could live with. The fact semaglutide works with enzymes in your stomach to make you feel full faster made sense to me that this was a good deterrent to overeating. So, you eat smaller portions and the craving to eat throughout the day has subsided.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

My weight loss journey so far

It has been a good month and an eye-opening experience. The full feeling I get is almost constant and the days of craving to eat or indulging in my favorite foods or drinks have subsided.

All the conditions and side effects that I discussed with Mel and Al at the Jersey Weight Loss Clinic became a reality.

To be fully transparent with you, at first there was nausea, but that subsided in a week or two, now it is great having that full feeling and not wanting to eat or drink much.

I have lost weight, and it is happening at a great pace. I am eating such small portions that I eat whatever I want, I know I should be more careful, but it is a good treat to have items that you have not had in a while. My biggest problem is getting good protein in my diet. I am working on it and very aware of it.

This is a lifestyle that works for me, as I say all the time, it is a journey, there are bumps and detours, but the journey will get you to where you want to be. I hope that you start your journey and good luck with your journey.

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