The New Jersey Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal from Fisherman's Energy asking to put more wind turbines off the coast of Atlantic City, but leave it to the federal government to work against that common sense. 

This morning we discussed whether wind power is the right choice for New Jersey.

Matthew, a caller from Stewartsville, said the appeal of wind power is not so much efficiency as it is about sustainability. In his opinion, the federal government needs to step in to stimulate the industry until the private sector sees the incentive to take over.

Colleen from Williamstown said she's unsure whether wind power is good for the Jersey Shore, but her initial thought about the turbines in Atlantic City was that they might help the economy by attracting tourists.

Raymond from Woodbridge disagreed, and said nuclear is the answer to our problems because it's clean, efficient, and historically safe, with only a few exceptions.

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