This is hard to top. But I guess if you subscribe to the belief of there being no such thing as bad publicity, this Mazda dealership in Shrewsbury is absolutely killing it.

Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" has taken the country by storm. So much so that, as I type this, the 2 and a half minute country/hip-hop hybrid has been number one on the Billboard charts for nineteen straight weeks. When something is that culturally relevant for that long, you can bet your bottom dollar people will try to capitalize on it any way they can. And in this case, it's as cringeworthy as they come.

I'll tell you one thing; Lil Nas X has bridged the gap between music genres so well that I can't even tell who should be more disgusted here. Is this a worse look for country music or hip hop? Maybe culture in general is what's being decimated here.

In any case, I've hate-watched this 12 times since first seeing it on ESPN this morning.

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