Big hair and hair spray. It's been the stuff of Jersey legend since the 80's. We haven't seen this look in decades but the jokes persist. And it wasn't just the girls. Think Jon Bon Jovi.

Then there was the mullet. It was cool for 2 months 16 days and 4 hours in the summer of 1992 when Billy Ray Cyrus sported one in his "Achy Breaky Heart" video. But before and after that it's always been, well, just a mullet. Folklore has it they can still occasionally be spotted in deep South Jersey.

Time moved on and eventually came the most embarrassing of all men's hair trends. The man bun. Hipsters from Princeton to Montclair brought this Samurai wannabe silliness into coffee shop poetry slams everywhere. But what does one do when you want to sport a man bun and you just don't have the patience to grow all that hair?

Here it is my friends. Someone had the diabolical idea of inventing the clip on man bun. No I'm not kidding. Follow this link and you'll see it in all its misguided glory. It's advertised as "The hair extension that attaches to your head! Giving you the perfect man bun, anytime, anywhere."

Anytime, anywhere sort of implies you might need an emergency man bun. I can't recall a time I ever thought, "Damn I really want to go inside this environmentally friendly eatery and enjoy some avocado toast but I just don't have a man bun so I'd better not!"

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